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Working with academic advisors should be easy. So now it is.
Pathfinder enables college students to explore all of their academic and professional options all without scheduling an advising appointment. Be your own advisor, and customize a Plan of Study that’s right for you.
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Guidance that works.
Pathfinder is an Ed-Tech Startup co-founded by two Purdue sophomores in January 2020. We wanted a better way for students to plan out their college careers than the average academic advisor can provide, and many students feel the same. That's why we're developing an app that enables college students to be their own academic advisor. Just tell us your major, minors, and any interests or hobbies, and we will help you optimize your plan of study!
Navigate through college.
By searching through your university’s courses, degree requirements, minors offered, and much more, along with professional opportunities like internships or research, Pathfinder enables students to get an accurate, holistic view on what options are out there. Navigating college is hard, but our modern interface will make it a joy to spend hours browsing all the possibilities and ultimately find the path that's right for you.
Find your own path.
Peace of Mind
Answer those questions in the back of your head: what would it be like to switch majors, add minors, or take an internship? Stop wondering if you'll graduate on time, and start exploring what you can really do with your degree!
Save thousands of dollars and months of time with Pathfinder! By optimizing your major and minors, we will make sure you’re minimizing classes taken and maximizing everything else you wanna do.
Explore new minors, classes, or other opportunities you might not have known existed. Pathfinder suggests academic and professional opportunities that you might like, based on your interests and goals you set.
Stop spending hours doing research or scheduling meetings with your guidance counselor just to ask a simple question. Pathfinder is a click away, 24/7.
The Breakdown
Step 1: Questionnaire
Let us know your university, major, minors, transfer credits, and any classes you’ve already taken. Most importantly, tell us some of your hobbies and interests so we can recommend the best classes and minors for you!
Step 2: New Plan
We then generate an initial plan of study that includes all of your provided information and introduce you to our tools that will help you find your path.
Step 3: Customization
Based on your interests and other information, we will recommend highly optimized options like plans of studies with extra minors for few to no extra credits, and other opportunities to help kick start you on a better path.
Step 4: All About You!
Once you have an initial plan, go and explore all the options and opportunities that Pathfinder provides to truly dial in the path that’s right for you.
Step 5: Endless Possibilities
After you’ve set the path that works for you, you can create entirely new plans of study and have multiple saved plans. Experiment with change without committing to any one plan of study just yet.
Step 6: Share
At any point in the path-finding process, you can download and share your plan of study so your friends and family can see how successful you’re gonna be!
Step 7: With You Till The End
The path in life is never straight, and plans will be constantly changing. That’s why Pathfinder is designed to enable students to grow, change, and see their plans differently over the course of their college career.
"The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done…you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do."
- Lil Wayne
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
- Ben Franklin
"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning."
-Thomas Edison

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